The DIHETOX project, winner of the POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020 announcment

The DIHETOX project, presented by Genechron in collaboration with the Rome Section of the Italian Institute of Technology, is among the winning projects of the POR FESR Lazio Announcement 2014 - 2020 Public Notice "LIFE 2020" Integrated Projects of the Lazio Region.

The DIHETOX project arises from the need to identify and validate RNA biomarkers (miRNA or mRNA) able to early detect the presence of drug-induced liver damage (DILI, Drug-Induced Liver Injury) or to detect in a precise way possible interactions between pharmacological treatments.

The analysis of potential toxic effects of new drugs is necessary in the initial stages of drug development: biomarkers allow to detect the effects accurately, both in the liver and in the other organs (heart, kidneys).

The DIHETOX project will act on two fronts that have interconnected objectives:

  • the first will concern the development and validation of an assay for the early evaluation of non-specific hepatotoxicity.
  • the second will concern the development and optimization of an assay that can be applied for the evaluation of the interaction between drugs and will determine whether the simultaneous intake of multiple drugs reduces the pharmacological effects or decreases (or increases) the toxicity of such drugs. 

Therefore, the tests will not only allow identification of any hepatotoxic or cytotoxic effects of the drugs / compounds analyzed, but will give information on the effects of the interaction of several drugs in the case of poly-pharmacotherapy.

The project will be completed at the beginning of 2019 and will allow the realization of these tests, which will, after a further phase of testing and screening on a patient population, put on the market of Diagnostic Medical and Pre-Clinical Trials of new drugs.

Overall, for the DIHETOX project an investment amounting to € 903,128.61 was admitted, for which grants amounting to € 658,282.82 were granted for the POR FESR Lazio 2014 - 2020 Public Notice "LIFE 2020" Integrated Projects funds of the Lazio Region.


Genechron in Basel on September 12th

In the frame of the BASEL LIFE SCIENCE WEEK 2017 , the Swiss Italian Embassy and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) have organized an industrial symposium entitled “BIOTECHNOLOGY IN ITALY: INNOVATION AND PUBLIC RESEARCH” to which have been invited to participate Genechron Srl and Nanofar Srl, an ENEA nanotech

Genechron's talk will be entitled “Clinical Molecular Diagnostics: Enabling Population Health management”, and it will be presented by Vittorio Rosato.


Bio Japan 2017

Genechron's pavilion in Yokohama

From October 11th to 13th, Genechron will attend the Bio Japan 2017 event in Yokohama, a conference that for many years allows new business opportunities for companies and organizations. Along with about 900 other companies coming from more than 30 countries, Genecrhon's presence will enrich italian pavilion.

Furthermore, on October 12th, Genechron, represented by Vittorio Rosato, will hold a seminar entitled "Clinical Molecular Diagnostics: Enabling Population Health management".

Genechron seminar Presentation for BioJapan

Ventureup e startup Lazio

Genechron protagonista il 16 e il 17 maggio

Genechron will be the leading role of the "VentureUp" and "StartupLazio" events on May 16 and 17, organized by the Lazio Region.

During these days we will have the opportunity to meet investors and to confront them with other start ups. The event was promoted and organized by the Lazio Region along with Lazio Innova, for those interested, will take place in Via Marco Aurelio in Rome and it will be possible to participate by clicking here and registering at the site of eventbirte.

    In particular, the days will be divided as follows:
  • May 16, "VentureUp: Innovation, Enterprise and Capital", in collaboration with AIF featured on start-up and venture capital ventures.
      The day will be divided into two phases:
    • 9:30 deepen the venture capital with the participation of stakeholders, institutions and experts..
    • Until 17:00 meetings between start-ups and one-to-one rotating investors
  • May 17 "StartupLazio! Stories and Perspectives of an Ecosystem”, where the strategies for growth and consolidation of the start-up ecosystem will be discussed. The Region is confronted with companies, accelerators, academics and investors in what has been done in recent years, starting with the "StartupLazio!" Program, and the importance of innovation as a driving force for development. You can participate by clicking here and signing up at the eventbirte site .