On April 8th the COMETA project kick-off meeting will be held in Rome

together with Enea and Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, at the headquarters of Danesi Caffè Spa

The COMETA project (Quality testing of organoleptic properties of COffee blends via genetic and METAbolic fingerprinting) co-funded by the Lazio Region, is united in partnership, under the coordination of Danesi Caffè SpA, ENEA, the Campus Biomedico University of Rome and Genechron Srl, with the collaboration of CREA-Food and Nutrition and of the Italian Federation of Doctors in Agricultural Sciences and Forest Sciences (FIDAF).
The COMETA project will develop new tools to support the complex and skillful process of coffee roasting, in the presence of a growing diversification of varieties and of the biochemical composition of the raw material, also induced by the effects of climate change.