Genechron participates in the COMETA project (Qualitative tests of the organoleptic properties of COffee blends through genetic and METAbolic fingerprinting) co-funded by Lazio Innova through the Key Enabling Technologies call as an Integrated Project in the specialized area Life Sciences Sector

The project partnership is coordinated by the company Danesi Caffè SpA and makes effective use of ENEA and Rome's Campus Biomedical University as Research Bodies.

The COMETA project is aimed at creating an electronic multisensory system capable of detecting specific chemical compounds in the gas phase that are released during the roasting process, from whose analysis it is possible to accurately identify optimal process parameters, which originate those particular properties organoleptic characteristics of which the drink in the cup is characterized.

The project will perform a genetic fingerprinting of the species and of which the Danish mixtures are composed and, through the determination of the metabolites that occur during the roasting process, these compounds will be associated with their genetic origin.

The COMETA project therefore intends to transfer, within an electronic system to be used in the production process, the centenary wisdom of a company of excellence in coffee production in Italy.

Overall, for the COMETA project, Genechron had access to costs of € 282,534.27, for which grants amounting to € 176,812.89 were granted for the POR FESR LAZIO 2014 - 2020 Public Notice "KETS enabling technologies".