• Mission

Genechron Ltd is a biotech company operating in the field of medical diagnostics. Genechron offers molecular genetic services on genes involved in susceptibility to cancer development, in response to drug therapies and in the onset of inherited disorders or metabolic abnormalities. In addition, it performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of microorganisms or viral agents.

A unique feature of Genechron is the ability to provide specialized scientific and diagnostic support to healthcare facilities and research institutions throughout the world. Genechron was born as an innovative start-up in 2016, spun out from the biotechnology technologies of the Ylichron company, with the aim of further developing the research lines and the offer of services in the clinical field. As such, as either part of Ylichron, or via the new spin out company, Genechron, out team has been offering advanced genomics services since 2010, and activating a series of projects in collaboration with research centres and industrial partners to produce new specific services.

Genechron has highly specialized personnel working in the field of molecular biology and genetics for over 10 years, and uses a modern and advanced instrumental equipment.

The company employs a Scientific Advisory Board composed of prominent personalities from the world of Research and Medicine.

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Genetic services

The analysis of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) represents an important step for the development of a diagnostic method of investigation. Genechron offers advanced genetic services to support specialists in clinical practice and patient treatment.

Our clients

  • Clinical centres, hospitals, laboratories and specialists who need genetic analysis for specific diseases (hereditary, oncological, cardiovascular).
  • Pharmaceutical companies or sponsors that require the validation of methods based on specific molecular markers to be used in preclinical or clinical studies.
  • Companies and other subjects that are carrying out the last phase of preclinical research and who wish to validate and industrialize their innovations.
  • Companies dedicated to the development of nutraceutical supplements, who want to be informed, through molecular analysis, on the impact that specific polymorphisms have on the metabolism of nutrients.

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Translational and clinical services

Genechron optimizes assays based on amplification or sequencing and uses CE-IVD kits to analyse specific targets. Genetic analysis services, obtainable through a wide range of molecular biology methodologies, can be customized for customers after a specific request.
Genechron has a line of R & D activities focused on the development of tests for the analysis of molecular biomarkers (miRNA) in various clinical fields (neuromuscular pathologies, liver disease and hepatotoxicity, cardiology and muscular diseases). Tests can be developed according to good laboratory practices and can be made available in Dossier Regulators (FDA, EMEA) both for the Preclinical Phase and for the Clinical Phase of drug development.
Genechron offers reliable and fast service lines based on proven technologies in diagnostics and in clinical settings.