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Genechron is a company established in 2016 to improve and to provide a market impulsion to the biotechnological activities nucleated within the ENEA spin-off company Ylichron Srl. Ylichron Srl, established in 2005, had a strong focus on the application of high performance computing (HPC) techniques in Research and Industrial fields. In 2009 the company entered in the biotechnological area, known to be particularly eager of computational services. In addition to bioinformatic services, Ylichron started providing advanced biotechnological services (DNA sequencing with Sanger and NGS methods). Having the biotechnological area significantly grown, Ylichron has decided to spin out the biotechnological services by inserting (and valorizing) them into a new company, Genechron Srl, entirely focussing on biotechnologies, which kept from the originating company a strong focus on innovation. Genechron Srl has acquired  new shareholders through an investment round which allowed to gather in the company public and private investors; among them, Lazio Innova SpA, the in-house company of Regione Lazio devoted to the financial and service support to the industrial sectors of the Region, in its Venture Capital role. Genechron Business Plan, other than planning a considerable growth of the Medical Diagnostics area (the company is accredited to act as a Diagnostic Centre for genetic analysis by the Italian National Health Service), is strongly focused on the discovery and the realization of innovative assays for RNA-based biomarkers quantification, for both medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical applications.