• Mission

Genechron S.r.l. is a biotechnological SME based on Regione Lazio (Italy) focused on both medical diagnostics (DNA sequencing services) and the development of molecular assays for the analysis of RNA-based biomarkers, for clinical and diagnostic applications.
Genetic and diagnostic services offered by Genechron are dedicated to mutational analysis of genes involved in susceptibility to cancer development, onset of hereditary diseases and metabolic alterations and to a wide range of molecular biology applications and customized laboratory services.

Translational and Clinical services based on biomarker quantification are focused on diseases related to:

  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Cardiac/Cardiovascular system
  • Liver

Additional R&D projects are extending our assays to additional tissues.
Genechron performs RNA-based biomarkers analysis (relative and absolute quantification) under non-GLP or GLP regulatory standards for the following market segments:

  • Clinical centres, hospitals and other primary care providers wishing to perform DNA and RNA analysis of patients with a specific tissue related disease.
  • Companies performing clinical trials of novel therapeutics, wishing to obtain biomarker information to provide evidence of progress towards surrogate endpoints.
  • Companies and other entities performing late stage preclinical research, wishing to obtain tissue specific measurements to increase the value of their innovations.
  • Animal health companies, developing novel therapies for companion animal and for agricultural application.
  • Nutraceutical companies, wishing to be informed via molecular analysis of the impact of dietary developments on tissue functions.